As an independent action learning coach, will you become

Also WIAL Netherlands Partner?


Are you an experienced HR professional, coach or executive who would like to become an independent team coach?

  • Ndo like having colleagues
  • NDon't get a nice feeling about resigning right away altogether
  • NPrefer to start with one or two days a week
  • Nwould quite like to hitch a ride on the history of a fine company
  • Ndo want to be able to continue developing
  • Nlikes the fact that marketing is already figured out
  • NLikes the fact that in the event of illness, his or her client continues to be cared for
  • Nas a self-employed person still wants to be able to build up company value for retirement

Do you recognize yourself?

Then read on and be surprised at what WIAL Netherlands has to offer you.

and yet not alone

As a WIAL Netherlands Partner, you are part of the WIAL family, active in thirty countries and a history dating back to before 1945.

You will have colleagues in the Netherlands, as well as worldwide.
A network of professors, practitioners and action learning professionals who will help you in your personal growth and to spar with.

A network that also operates with each other in client assignments and ensures that in case of illness, development can continue at the client.


You can immediately focus on acquiring clients and executing assignments. You will become part of an A-brand with a rich history right up to the source of the emergence of action learning. It is a brand with many great customers in all sectors.

In this process, you have the help of WIAL sparring partners to grow and learn from each other's mistakes, ignorance, uncertainty and successes. But you can also participate as an action learning coach in an assignment from a fellow WIAL partner.

WIAL Netherlands provides a joint website which you, as a WIAL Netherlands Partner, are part of. The marketing plan is ready for you. And you benefit from what WIAL Netherlands and WIAL Global are already doing in terms of brand and product awareness.

Think LinkedIn, Facebook, Webinars, podcasts, testimonials, video scripts, articles and E-learning environment. It is abundantly available for you to use.

Furthermore, WIAL supports you, for example, with a complete APP including CRM, Calendar, courses, tasks, earnings and learnings. A WIAL email address and you will benefit from the WIAL quotation, contract and invoicing process with associated administrative support.

You only need to register at the Chamber of Commerce as a self-employed trainer/coach, sign a franchise agreement with WIAL Netherlands and start working under the A-label of WIAL.

Growth model WIAL Netherlands Partnership

Jij start als WIAL Nederland Partner. En daar hoeft het niet bij te blijven. Binnen dit franchise concept heeft WIAL Nederland een groeimodel van Partner, Senior Partner naar Executive Partner.


WIAL Netherlands has a remuneration package that will make you happy as a self-employed person for your efforts and success. All of the turnover that you make is yours. In addition, you can hire other WIAL Netherlands Partners to participate in your customer assignment. And you can be hired by other WIAL Nederland Partners in assignments for which they have the client contact. This is done for a fixed percentage of the daily rate set by WIAL Netherlands. It's very transparent and interesting for all parties. And if through you a CALC participant starts training, you receive a serious reward for this.

As a Senior Partner, WIAL Nederland offers an option package and you share in the profits.

Unlike a self-employed person who is not a WIAL Partner, you build up value in your company because you are part of WIAL Netherlands. This way, your company becomes worth money and you build up your pension at the same time.

Personal development

Certified Action Learning Coach

Professional Action Learning Coach

Senior Action Learning Coach

Master Action Learning Coach


WIAL Nederland heeft zich vanaf 2022 de ambitie gesteld om een beperkt aantal WIAL Nederland Partners als franchisenemer de kans te geven toe te treden tot de WIAL familie. Dit is een selecte groep professionals. Professionals die zelf al veel waarde meebrengen en deze aanvullen met opleiding en begeleiding van WIAL Nederland. Het doel is duurzame waarde toe voegen aan de team- en organisatieontwikkeling van haar klanten.

In order to facilitate this process as much as possible, WIAL Netherlands has an entrance fee of € 2,500 and the WIAL Netherlands Partner pays a monthly fee the size of only one day's rent.

The WIAL Nederland Partners who have not yet completed the CALC training, still have to follow this training. As soon as this is completed, the WIAL Netherlands Partner will receive 25% of this investment back.

The above investment model allows WIAL Nederland to live up to its services. The threshold is high enough to connect the true professionals and have WIAL Nederland become a Partner.

With this investment model, the candidate WIAL Netherlands Partner knows what the maximum investment is and therefore what he or she can maximally lose. Moreover, it is relatively easy to calculate how quickly you as a candidate WIAL Netherlands Partner can earn back the investment and generate a nice income. And that with the best profession there is: Action Learning Team Coaching.

With the investment in the WIAL Netherlands partnership, you don't have the normal money and time investment in a business of your own like website, server, mail, building name and product awareness, building customer experiences, APP etc.

This is usually a lot of money and a lot of time. Time that with WIAL Nederland partnership you can immediately invest in acquiring clients, carrying out assignments and further developing yourself as an action learning team coach. Thus the WIAL investment is relatively inexpensive, quickly recouped and your efforts are very quickly rewarded in a nice income.

WIAL Nederland team foto

What is WIAL Netherlands looking for in you?

You move effortlessly among people and are able to perceive the undercurrent of human behaviour in teams. You have the ability to confront the team with this perception in a psychologically safe manner without judgement, and to allow them to enter into dialogue with each other about it.

Je vindt het leuk om zelfstandig te werken, klanten te werven en als WIAL Nederland Partner – franchisenemer – deelgenoot te zijn van van de WIAL familie. Jouw Nederlands is goed, zowel in woord als schrift. Engels is een pre, maar geen vereiste.

You are naturally inquisitive, a good listener and able to tap into the learning potential in teams. You are customer-oriented, entrepreneurial, a self-starter and a go-getter.

In addition, you are able to reflect independently on your own behaviour and on the influence of other people's behaviour on your own perception. You also have a well-developed organisational sensitivity and it is normal for you that information and observations you make remain within the team and the organisation.

It is no problem for you to limit your contribution to team behaviour and team process and to use the structure of the action learning and team performing process.

In addition, you possess:

  • At least an HBO working and thinking level;
  • Minimum of five years of work experience as an HR professional, coach and or manager;
  • Interesse in team coaching (gedrag en proces);
  • Believe in action learning.

Would you like to become part
of the WIAL family?

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