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We believe that ambitious organizations need new ways of thinking, doing business and working together to solve their complex problems and achieve their desired results.


WIAL coaches increase team performance through action learning. They support teams in identifying breakthrough solutions to real-world problems while accelerating individual, team and organizational development. WIAL's team coaching leads to more efficient organizations, positive business impact and a learning culture.


WIAL Netherlands allows work to transform into collaboration and places of continuous learning, enabling team members to meet today's challenges and seize tomorrow's opportunities through action learning.

Improving TEAM Performance

Through action-oriented learning and improvement

A High Performing Action learning Team

Who we are

Our team consists of passionate Action Learning Coaches.
Each with their own discipline and background, but all specializing in growing teams to the level of a high performing action learning team. This is where their passion lies!

Twan Paes, partner wial nederland

Twan Paes


Frank campman, partner wial nederland

Frank Campman


Esther Bout , partner wial nederland

Esther Bolt


Ilona Hoving, partner wial nederland

Ilona Hoving


Bert van Veldhuizen, partner wial nederland

Bert van Veldhuizen


Deborah Freudenthal, partner wial nederland

Deborah Freudenthal

LLM (Master of Laws) CALC

Pieke Houben, partner wial nederland

Pieke Houben


Aik Gerrese, partner wial nederland

Aik Gerrese




Dyade contributes to the quality of education and child care

Dyade does this by unburdening, supporting and inspiring boards, directors and employees. This allows them to focus on their primary tasks and continue to develop themselves and their organization.

Dyade is one of the largest service providers and market leader in the field of business management for educational institutions and child care. Dyade works for school boards with a total of about 40 thousand employees. With an average of 10 students per employee at a school, Dyade thus works for the future of 400 thousand children. In doing so, they indirectly make a socially substantial and relevant contribution to the future of the children of the Netherlands.

Dyade has existed since 1656 and provides its services anno 2023 with some two hundred employees.


Joining forces WIAL
and Dyade Academy

Training is in the DNA of both WIAL (Word Institute for Action Learning) and the Dyade Academy. For more than 15 years, both organizations are the trainers of 'teaching and 'care' Netherlands! With high quality conferences, trainings and courses that inspire, stimulate and provide professionals in education and care with practical tools to move organizations forward. The meetings also take place in our new top location central in the Netherlands: the Dyade Visma Education Experience Center.

WIAL Netherlands supports Dyade to make Action Learning part of its offering and Dyade deploys a number of programs of WIAL Netherlands to offer to educational institutions and childcare centers. We will also continue to develop in a joint offering.


The founder of action learning is Professor Dr. Reg Revans, the first professor of business administration in England.

With action learning, Revans has given importance to the impact of the role of non-expert in the process of problem solving, distinguishing between knowledge and wisdom (experience).

The first publications date back to before 1945. Since then, there has been much experimentation, research and help for many teams and organizations worldwide with Action Learning.

Reg Revans was the mentor in this field to Prof. Dr. Michael Marquardt, who in 2005, together with Prof. Dr. Bea Carson and Prof. Dr. Skip Leonard, brought Reg Revans' thinking into the WIAL Foundation, with the ambition to be able to support many more people and organizations worldwide with action learning.

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