Aik Gerrese, partner wial nederland

Aik Gerrese


Aik is trained as a lab technician and has progressed from a specialist role to manager, director and director. He has guided several startups toward scale-up.

In his work, Aik always has the need to maximize the performance of his team(s) and strongly believes in the idea that each individual wants to develop further. He himself is an example of this by taking both an HBO, a WO, middle management, PRINCE 2, CALC and an MBA course in addition to his work.

During his MBA education, Aik was introduced to Action Learning as a method. From the first lecture he embraced the power of Action Learning. To find further depth in this, he attended several master classes and training courses.

Using his CALC training, analytical ability and accumulated experience, he is able to bring a team together and work with each other to find the actual problem and an appropriate solution strategy, taking into account individual interests and the interests of the organization.

Within WIAL Netherlands, as a partner and as a WIAL Netherlands Action Learning Coach, Aik is supportive in personal leadership development of team members and in growth as a team in a variety of sectors and disciplines.